How I work

Over the course of my career I learned that some ways of working are more efficient, lead to progress faster and make clients happier than others.

“No is the foundation that we can build our yes on.”

Seth Godin

Work on what matters most

Whether it’s personal life or business, noise and distractions can cause you to lose sight on what’s really important.

I am a firm believer in Pareto’s 80/20 rule: If you set the right focus, 20% of effort will yield 80% of results, value and progress.

To ensure that I contribute the biggest value to you and your business in the shortest amount of time, I will work with you to identify the problem spaces where solutions yield the highest impact – and then help you execute.

Focus, not context-switching

To make real progress, focus is crucial. Dividing your attention between too many different, unrelated tasks will cause you to not make any progress at all.

While working with you, I will focus my attention entirely on you, your needs and the challenges you want to solve. Because of this, I have a strong bias towards working in intensive, but time-boxed engagements. This allows me to focus on one client at a time, without obligations to other clients distracting me.

When we start working together, we will define clear objectives and a realistic timeframe in which they can be reached. In this timeframe, I am working exclusively for you. And when it ends, I move on (until you have a new challenge to work on).

Fall in love with the problem

Jumping straight to execution is the fastest way to burn time and resources, while working on the wrong challenges. You might work incredibly hard, but the value of the output will be low.

The sweet spot is critical thinking, applied right. Neither overthinking yourself into decision paralysis, nor underthinking and trivializing complex issues. It’s important to me to gain an understanding of the challenge you are facing. Then, we plan and prioritize. And then, we execute.