I use design to solve strategic challenges for products, users, and businesses.

With my expertise in iterative design processes like the Design Sprint, I help companies to design responses to complex challenges and unlock the biggest value for their business and customers.

When faced with complex challenges, it’s tough to find a starting point. It’s tempting to defer decisions. Or to sacrifice clarity in favor of a compromise (which nobody will be happy with). Or to do too many things at once, but none really well. You don’t have to let this happen to your product. Through iterative, rapid design processes like the Design Sprint, teams can get unstuck and set off in the right direction. By making coherent decisions, discovering opportunities, and finding ways to overcome obstacles.

I am an expert product designer and Design Sprint facilitator. I have run Sprints end-to-end for some of the world’s biggest companies (Google, Twitter, HP, American Express, and many more). Jake Knapp, the author of Sprint and originator of the Design Sprint process at Google Ventures in Silicon Valley, had this to say about me:

I’ve worked closely with Tim. He’s an outstanding designer and excellent Design Sprint leader. Great product and business sense, great insights, and a wide range of design skills across visual, interaction, and prototyping.

Jake Knapp, author of “Sprint”
Tim Hoefer running a Design Sprint Workshop with a startup's product team
Running a Design Sprint workshop
Tim Hoefer conducting a user interview by showing a prototype to a user tester
Conducting a user interview
Tim Hoefer running a Product Design Workshop with German energy company
Product Design workshop

I am the Head of Product Design at AJ&Smart. We design award-winning products, consult businesses on product strategy and digital innovation, and offer training to entrepreneurs, designers, and companies.

I have over ten years of experience in the design industry, working for international enterprises, tech companies, and startups.

What challenges are you are facing? I am happy to have a chat.