Strategic Design: More than making things pretty.

I am a designer based in Berlin. I solve complex challenges through user-centric design, business understanding, and my expertise in Design Sprints.

Many companies still limit their design efforts to surface-level decoration. This results in products that are defined by what is possible, not what is valuable: Products are created along the lines of technical requirements, not by what provides value to customers. Consequently, time and resources are wasted on products without product/market fit.

To be successful, products have to create value for both businesses and users. Rather than “putting lipstick on a pig”, strategic design is involved right from the beginning. It shapes a product’s value proposition, and finds solutions to complex product and business challenges. In short, strategic design is a value multiplier, not a cost factor or a nice-to-have.

I help teams build products for users and business objectives. Here’s how:

Strategic Design Consulting

When teams are not aligned on objectives and priorities, a lot of their efforts go to waste. But with the right focus, even small teams with limited resources can have a big impact.

I can help to find clarity and direction, even in complex and messy problem spaces. Together, we identify the most critical challenges for your product, then we create a battle plan with solutions and initiatives. I don’t leave you with just a bunch of buzzwords or “vision decks”, but with practical and actionable outcomes.

Tim Hoefer running a Product Design Workshop with German energy company
Product Design workshop
Design Sprints

Design Sprints are short-cycle, hypothesis-driven processes to rapidly test ideas, solve challenges, reduce risk and time-to-market, and validate product/market fit.

I am an experienced Design Sprint facilitator and have facilitated Sprints for clients all over the world, both on location and remotely. I have worked closely with Jake Knapp, author of “Sprint” and originator of the Design Sprint process at Google Ventures.

I’ve worked closely with Tim. He’s an outstanding designer and excellent Design Sprint leader. Great product and business sense, great insights, and a wide range of design skills across visual, interaction, and prototyping.

Jake Knapp, author of “Sprint”
Tim Hoefer running a Design Sprint Workshop with a startup's product team
Running a Design Sprint workshop
Product Design

I have over ten years of experience in designing digital products and services for consumers and businesses that are user-friendly, scalable, and beautiful.

Additionally, I am an expert in rapid prototyping. Prototypes bring your abstract ideas into a tangible form. They allow you to get feedback from the target audience in a few days instead of months, without spending any time and resources on development and coding untested solutions. Prototypes are also a great way to pitch ideas to investors or internal stakeholders and align your development team.

Tim Hoefer creates an interactive prototype for a mobile app.
Creating an interactive prototype
Tim Hoefer conducting a user interview by showing a prototype to a user tester
Conducting a user interview

Would you like to know more?

I have over ten years of experience in the design industry and, as a result, a track record of successful projects for a variety of clients. From multinational enterprises like American Express and Daimler, tech companies like Google and Twitter, to startups like Zero and N26. Whatever challenge you are facing, I am happy to have a chat.

I am a Product Design Director at AJ&Smart. We design award-winning products, consult on digital innovation and also offer training workshops for designers, entrepreneurs and companies.

If you would like to know more about our service offering or just want to chat, please get in touch.